• C-CAM® tweeter with damped rear chamber, providing improved clarity and wider operating range for HD audio formats
  • New
  • Cast polymer bass chassis design for better rigidity and lower reflection properties
  • HiVe®II port technology for better transient response and tighter bass
  • Single bolt through driver system, for increased overall bracing and rigidity
  • Selected premium quality wood veneers or high gloss piano finishes
  • Rigid 19mm MDF construction throughout, employing radial and cross-bracing techniques for high rigidity resulting in low cabinet colouration
  • Invisible magnetic grille fixing provides clean visual styling when used with the grille off.


System Format

2 Way

Frequency Response

45Hz - 35kHz

Sensitivity (1W@1M)


Nominal Impedance

6 Ohms

Maximum SPL (dBA)


Power Handling (RMS)


Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS)


Bass Alignment

Bass reflex - rear ported.
HiVe®II port System

Tweeter Crossover Frequency


Drive Unit Complement

1 x 6" RST® Bass/Mid driver.
1 x 1" (25mm) C-CAM® gold dome tweeter

Product External Dimensions: (H x W x D)

312 x 185 x 240 mm
(12 5/16 x 7 5/16 x 9 7/16 inch)

Individual Weight

6.8 Kg (15 lb)

Críticas de los usuarios

Jeremy Philander Monitor Audio UK


January 2015

I am a professional musician and play the bass. I am always listening to the bass lines in any song and can clearly define a bass guitar tone, especially from the funk era. I have owned a couple of hi-end systems and sat in recording studios. I know how peace/instrument/vocals should sound. I bought these RX1 as a backup bedroom system, which i dont regret. At first the bass was nowhere, a bit to light,treble a bit harsh, bit colouration in the high-hats. After playing for a month, this speakers totally changed (4hours each day). No colouration in the bass and trebbles.. and the vocals superb. it doesnt drop that low, but instruments come to life on these.. I must say that I am totally impressed..i doubted it at first, but now I am sold..I even hear how radio stations mess up the sound (sorry engineers)

Phil Johnson Monitor Audio UK


July 2013

The sound is crystal clear and adds drama and emotion to the music.

Keith Jones Monitor Audio UK


October 2012

I have been a professional musician for over 50 yrs as a Bass & Tuba player and have owned many systems and listened to studio reference speakers under numerous applications and for the price of these speakers. I own the RX1's as I haven't heard any that come close to the uncolored performance of these little beauties.

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El De-Tox CD

Desarrollado a medida para Monitor Audio y basado en tecnología de simulación avanzada, el nuevo De-Tox CD le ayudará a rodar sus cajas acústicas en menos tiempo y de un modo más exhaustivo que utilizando música u otras señales para rodaje.