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julian Monitor Audio UK


October 2015

My experience was that this speaker has realisation of details, it's kinda small but don't let that be something because the sound that comes out of it.

Believe me it's very loud and beautiful


The netherlands

Pete H Monitor Audio UK


July 2011

These are the best mid-price speakers around a grand that I have heard, I previously owned a pair of Tannoy Eyris DC3 £1500 until my son popped both tweeters in, but these are a slight improvement at half the cost, add in kid friendly (nothing on show for them to destroy under the solid covers). Musically they rival speakers costing £1500-2000 they offer everything with nothing spared, go very loud and play chest thumping bass lines thats fast and acurate, but also good enough to sing delicately, sound well defined, very sweet and controlled, hollographic in fact, better 3d imagery than the Eyris which had a standard & super tweeter, the professional reviews lead me to buy these & I am bowled over, add in a exquisite finish, wife friendly good looking furniture and they delivery the full monty and some, I won't be changing these for a very long time. Thank you MA