• Ultra-slim depth of just 40mm (1½") complements the slimmest TV screens
  • Designed and tuned to provide optimum sound quality when flush wall mounted
  • Black anodised aluminium finish for excellent aesthetic results
  • Easy installation: flat to wall fixings, invisible cable entry/connection and a removable magnetic grille make installation simple and seamless
  • A single alloy extrusion provides a slender profile, maximises the internal cabinet volume and offers high rigidity to suppress resonance
  • A specially developed 25mm C-CAM® tweeter features a unique venting and rear loading chamber for low resonance and clean pure sound down to the low frequency crossover point
  • 4" low profile bass-midrange drivers feature a flat RDT® sandwich diaphragm constructed from C-CAM® and Rohacell materials
  • Unique 'floating' driver mounting reduces colouration: the drivers bolt to the rear of the cabinet and are de-coupled from the baffle at the front in an airtight neoprene seal
  • A special 'concertina' driver suspension design provides high excursion from a low profile assembly
  • 4" low profile ABR drivers are individually tuned, providing punchy bass without the noise associated with ported designs.


Frequency Response

70Hz – 30kHz



System Configuration

2- way

Driver complement

2 x 4" flat diaphragm mid-bass drivers
2 x 4" flat diaphragm ABR drivers
1 x 25mm C-CAM® tweeter
with vented loading system

Nominal  Impedance

8 ohms

Maximum SPL (each @1M)

108.6 dBA

Power HandlingWith amplifier crossover set to

120 watts

Recommended amplifier Requirements

40-120 watts

Bass Alignment

ABR loading

Recommended H.P crossover frequency


Overall Dimensions (H x W x D)

815 x 156.6 x 40 mm
32 x 63/16 x 1½ Inches


3.72kg (8Ib, 3oz)

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