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hesam sadat Monitor Audio UK


June 2015

High end not in finishing but also in sound. Heaven sound with platinum subwoofer and pl100. Very difficult to find similar sound and built in near of this price.

I've paired it with musical fidelity A1008 amplifier and Vincent tube cd player, a must be heard sound...

Thanks to monitor audio

David Ferebee Monitor Audio UK


January 2015

Get Out Of The Way Wilson, Dynaudio, B&W, and Others

I am always looking to improve everything about my sound system including the speakers and have auditioned brands costing 3 times as much as my PL300s and simply cannot find anything I like better!

Carl Monitor Audio UK

PL InWall

January 2015

In the interest of full disclosure please note the following: I work in the AV industry and sell MA product.

Being lucky enough to work on the AV retail industry I have had the opportunity to build a bespoke home cinema room and will soon be building a second at a new property. I decided much to my wife's pleasure to go for a clean modern look to the room and use the PL in walls for LCR channels. At the time it was purely for the aesthetics but I can honestly say that on completion I was over the moon with the sound quality and after a year of use It still confuses me that something just 4" deep can produce such sound. Hats off to the guys at MA for creating such a product and I will be definitely be using the same in my new house.

We do not sell many of these speakers which is why I felt they needed some sort of review because if you are building a home cinema and require a discreet solution then I cannot think of anything better. Sure, they cost more than pretty much most other in wall speakers on the market but they really are that good!

Carl, AudiovisualOnline.

Luke Fehnert Monitor Audio UK


November 2013

I have owned these speakers for 2 years now and they sound better and better. I suggest you use a good powerful valve amp with them to bring out their best form.

Robert Lappin Monitor Audio UK


September 2013

Our rosewood PL300s look absolutely fantastic on our burgundy axe minster carpet and next to our solid red gum entertainment unit. Our PL300s are used as the sound for our internet services, 55 t.v., DVDs, vinyl recordings and CDs. Despite the massive mid and upper massive bass performance our ears tell us that its the PL300's brilliant tweeter and its precise mid-range that makes film, songs and voice so life-like. Sadly our listening room just isn't big enough to do full justice to the deepest bass notes; in our home they seem a little muted.

Manbat - AV Forums UK Monitor Audio UK


March 2013

Its alive - it really is. I have just enjoyed a rather sublime several weeks with the PL300s.
I can safely say that the PL300s are without a doubt marvelous speakers.
They bring out instruments in a three dimensional soundstage, revealing obvious differences and nuances that have not been heard before.

David Bowie - Sound and Vision - the rhythmic sound of the pss pss emanating from the front left speaker is like nothing I’ve heard before – its like the speaker is spitting at you (in a good way)

Angelique Kidjo – Voodoo Child from the album Oremi – is simply stunning. There are so many things going on in this recording and you hear them all. Little whispers are abound in the track – but now I hear them in places that I didn’t think were in the recording. This is one of my test tracks and having listened to this on systems costing several times the value of my own – I give the PL’s a standing ovation. I listened to this track recently on some B&W 802d's with very expensive mono-blocks, cables, CD player - the PL300s easily held their own and IMO outperformed the 802’s in detail and clarity.

Fink – Perfect Darkness – Again an array of detailed instruments with precise imaging.

Elbow - live DTS recording is again brilliant.

A selection of HD tracks in 24 bit 192 consisting of Jazz, classical and pop. The timbre of drums and vibration of strings is lovely – but what is also remarkably impressive is the ambience of the sound – the presence of music that you feel and sometimes makes the hair on the back of your head stand on end.

A selection of Linn SACD samplers – were superb.

Movies – I watched the three Dark Knight films in a row. Nearly 8 hours later there was no ear fatigue and I just kept creeping up the sound to thunderous levels and enjoyed it even more.

I can’t say a bad word about these speakers. They are simply brilliant and if you are considering do not forget to audition them...

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